face to face

Our purpose is to create a safe space and community for leaders to share and co-create opportunities to grow and multiply in their lives and businesses.

seed to harvest

Our focus is to cultivate depth of relationships, with growth minded leaders whilst designing, testing, implementing and delivering practical and enduring results.

directive leadership

Leadership is at the core of everything we do; within our E4 framework you and your teams will be challenged with continuos growth and latest insights, from our own sources and best in class leadership thought worldwide.

digital and design experts

Adopting an outside-in perspective, our creative directors first, understand your team and client's needs and motivations, and then co-create emotional digital engagement strategies based on your current and future needs, always adding value and creating intimacy.

asset performance

In every challenge, we focus on maximising our clients financial, experience, core and contribution assets. We do this by givng you access to our global network of businesses, venture capital and banking partners.

endless posibilities

With a multidimensional approach to every challenge, strict confidentiality and rigorous commitment to the truth, 75% of our work is for clients we have served for 10 years. We only engage in work that creates returns for our clients in excess of our professional fees.

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Our team

Carlos cuellar

global CEO & Managing director

Lilian Au

Managing Director - Asia Pacific

Elmer Zapata

Global Creative strategist / MBA

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The little person inside

So today what will it be? will you start or continue to set your little person free, and become all you could be? or will you put on your persona (mask) and forget again, what you were created to be?


When we feel denied , we act justified by reason and defy love. It is the separation from love that leads people to be satisfied by the fruit but living forever separated from relationship.

how we serve

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