The little person inside

The little person inside

Stripped of titles, position, and away from access to bank accounts, every morning, when we face ourselves in the bathroom mirror, ready to put on our persona (mask), we see through our eyes our true self, the little person inside.

What is your message for the little person today? Whether you are 8 or 88, The little person has grown up with us and looks at us from behind the aging skin, the scars, softer skin and changing pigment hair or growing facial hair. The little person has walked with us through pain, trials, tribulations, deception and joy, happiness, elation, ecstasy and love. The little person has been with us through it all, and yet here, ever present, ever near.

The little person inside, our true friend or beautiful enemy, we can keep hidden in shame or free through pain to become the greatest wo/man it can be.

So today what will it be? how will you start or continue to set your little person free, and become all you can be? or will you put on your persona (mask) and forget again, what you were created to be?

This little poem is for the little person in you, simple yet profound. Remember, we will never perform any higher than what our self image will allow.The little robot by Denis Waitley.

  • I have a little robot that goes around with me.
  • I tell it what I am thinking, I tell it what i see.
  • I tell my little robot all my hopes and fears.
  • It listens and remembers everything it hears.
  • At first my little robot followed my command,
  • But after years of training, it's gotten out of hand.
  • It does not care whats right or wrong, or what is false or true,
  • No matter what I try now, it tells me what to do.

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