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Six levels of communication

In life and business there are Six levels of communication.

As shared by Gary Smalley, the Famous Psychologist and writer, they are:
Most communication happens at level 1-2 to become better and grow we must agree to disagree whilst respecting our difference of opinions on 3 and listen deeply at 4 to 6.

Levels 1 and 2 (small talk, sharing facts) are head knowledge, facts, figures, filler...

"Remember, conflict resolution is the doorway to intimacy, and intimacy in life and business equals long lasting success. I will Never Try Imposing My agenda At the Cost of Your peace"

Level 3 (opinions) is risky and avoided by most people because it is a platform for conflict if entered into without a pre-agreed strategy. At this level we must use this caveat "it is unacceptable to me as a partner/boss/employee/husband/friend to have an argument with you and when we are finished, you dont feel like you have won". We must always allow each other to win by respecting differences.

Levels 4,5,6 (feelings, needs, beliefs) flow out of the freedom to disagree and respect for others peace of mind. At these levels we begin to design and live extraordinary lives. When we communicate at this level we are entering the real of core identity and congruency of thought and life practice. We find that communication is effortless and trust makes it easier to share both ways. Pay attention to your communications, both in life and business, this week and ask yourself, how can I give more and increase my trustworthiness? after all, it is not what we say, but what we do that shows who we really are.

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